Beginner Bot Online Course

Are you a Beginner with Bots? GREAT! Messenger Bots can be a very complicated process, but in this Online Course I'm...

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Personal Branding Online Course

This is the biggest struggle for small business owners! What is your direction, who are you wanting to attract, and...

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Blending Boot Camp - Current Members

Have you ever felt trapped about what to post on Facebook because your "business" is in another industry from what yo...

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Instagram Domination Online Course

Instagram now has over 1 Billion users.... Are you one of them?  Instagram is one of the faster growing Social ...

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Oh hey there!

Excited to see you looking into training & how to grow your business, non-profit, or brand on Social Media!

My goal is to create "Bite-Sized" training available so you can pick and choose which one you want to learn depending on where you're at!

Personally I felt the frustration of looking into training that was either

#1 completely out of my price range. 

#2 Buying a training where I could only really apply a portion of it, because maybe the rest didn't apply for me or was too advanced. 

So I decided to go about things differently and create very specific training on specific topics that were within everyone's budget no matter your income. 

I offer LIVE Training Boot Camps where you get to sit in virtually with a small group and receive live & real time feedback training. 

I then take that Boot Camp training content and publish it into an Online Course for a slightly lower cost. 

And no worries if you miss any of our Boot Camp dates. When you purchase the Online Course I apply the course cost as credit towards the Next Applying LIVE Boot Camp, so you only pay the difference which is usually around $50. 

Have a question about one of our courses? Click into the course itself that's listed above and you can read more details there. 

That didn't cover it for you? Click below and we'll respond to your questions a.s.a.p. - Fallon


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