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What's Your >>Direction on Social Media? 

It's Your Brand!

Our Upcoming Branding AND Blending COMBO Boot Camp is just for you! Starts October 15th! 


What is "Blending"?

Have you ever felt trapped about what to post on Facebook because your "business" is in another industry from what you love talking about??? ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜–

👩🏼‍💻ie.- you love makeup or crafting, but your business is health and wellness... you now feel like you HAVE TO be a health expert but everyone knows you for your hobby right?! We put the 2 together with blending!😍

I will teach you to create content that brings both of them together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. 🍞🥜🍓

Is balance your friend? Or is it an illusion that keeps your business and family divided!? We want to BLEND them together! We'll also be covering "blending" when it comes to your work/family life. If you feel like you neglect your business when you're taking care of your family, or the other way around, this will be for sure a great training for you! 

This is a 4 Day LIVE training series where Fallon Zoe will personally walk you through HOW to create posts & videos on Social Media (Specifically Facebook but you can apply anywhere) in a group setting. 

The Boot Camp Starts October 15th and we'll be LIVE at 7:00pmEST each day but everything will be fully recorded.

Details of what we'll cover over 4 days:

  • Blending your family and business for everyday life, and ways to bring the 2 together instead of divided
  • Creating Facebook posts that get HIGH engagement but still blend in your business without being promotional
  • Creating Facebook LIVE video topics that will help you bring your multiple elements together into 1 decisive direction
  • This Boot Camp will be a blend of Branding and Blending your message with Content Creation
  • Each LIVE session will be approx 30-40min
  • Each day will have an attached homework lesson to execute so you get the most out of what you're learning

What is a "Boot Camp"?

Our Boot Camps are interactive online classrooms where you'll learn all of our lessons right from your phone! 

Basic Package

  • 4 Day LIVE Boot Camp 
  • Lifetime Access to FB Group & Recordings
  • Facebook Group for Support During Class 
  • 30 Days FREE access to the #SecretMermaidCove $34.99

$99 Total

I Want the 4 Day Class Only

VIP Package + BONUS

  • 4 Day LIVE Boot Camp 
  • Lifetime Access to FB Group & Recordings
  • Facebook Group for Support During Class 
  • 30 Days FREE access to the #SecretMermaidCove $34.99


  • "Cubby Q&A" a dedicated space just for you within the Boot Camp for Q&A directly with Fallon during the Boot Camp $129
  • Lifetime Access to the *Branding* Online Course & Future Updates  $129
  • Lifetime Access to the *Blending* Online Course & Future Updates $129

 $199 Total

I Want The Bonus Scripts

What's the Big Deal about Personal Branding? 

This is the biggest struggle for small business owners!

What is your direction, who are you wanting to attract, and what does that look like on Facebook??! ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¼‍♀️😭

This LIVE training is like no other we've done for Branding!😮

Your personal brand gives you clarity as to your direction, as well lets your ideal client be attracted to you in the first place. 

This Boot Camp covers a lot of Facebook personal profile branding though we discuss how to attract people to your business page organically and you can take the Personal Brand you create and use it across all social platforms. 

  1. What is your brand?
  2. What is your slogan/catch phrase
  3. What should your graphics look like to portray your brand
  4. Facebook page remodel
  5. Graphic design for your page
  6. What are your colors?
  7. Website resources & tools to use 
  8. Settings for you page to get you the most exposure
  9. Content that fits your brand



Fallon Zoe & Glen

Together for almost 12yrs and building multiple business together with a combined 33yrs business experience, we've seen it all! ha! We're here to help you navigate Social Media, Business, and Life!

About Fallon Zoe

A High School drop out and single mother at 17, Fallon has learned that your limitations can create your inspirations.

Building a business on Facebook she became frustrated with paid advertising and decided to find another way. 

After building a following of over 30,000 women she was interviewed by Facebook about her Organic Growth for her brand LadyTribe.

She has beta tested many other programs for Facebook and recently selected as 1 of only 20 Video Creators to launch the Facebook Stars program.

By Publishing over 3,000 videos in only 3yrs, Fallon has established herself as an Organic Growth Specialist




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