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It can be a bit daunting right?

Everyone saying something different, so which one is right?

{Here's a tip:} There is no RIGHT/WRONG but there is a "rhythm" you need to learn to find your own *brilliance!*

Let me help you find {YOU}


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"Love Fallon! She gives great advice and is kind. Fallon gives practical advice and she uses visuals to help you understand her teachings."

Wendy Charpentier
Network Marketer

"Since I've taken action my engagement has increased. Went from making $180 deals to closing $1000 deals with no problem. The cool part is I just got started. "

Maronda Belthrop
Financial Services

"So much great advice can be found here! Fallen is a TRIP and so contagiously energetic you don’t want to miss out!"

Valarie Hunter Elswick
Network Marketer

"Fallon provides excellent easy to understand training that is applicable and beneficial! Every time I watch one of her training videos I get nuggets that I can instantly implement and share with my team! "

Tonya Vann
Network Marketer

What is the #SecretMermaidCove?

This is a Private Coaching Community where you'll learn Social Media from A-Z focusing on Facebook topics & always being Organic Online Growth (No Paid Advertising)

You'll have immediate access to a Membership login where you can access exclusive training and included Mini Series Training. You'll then also be added to a Complimentary Facebook group for discussions & LIVE training. All lessons will be added to the web login as they are created. So you do not need Facebook access to see your membership.

We have a big range of business owners inside the #SecretMermaidCove

  • Network Marketers
  • Traditional Business Owners
  • Direct Sales 
  • LIVE Sales
  • Non-Profits
  • Online Business
  • Mom & Pop Small Businesses (Brick & Mortar or Online)
  • Online Boutiques 

Training From a Woman for Women


Are you using Social Media as a Tool or a Toy? 

4 yrs ago it was a TOY. I used it only for personal reasons to keep up with friends and I treated it like a hobby, somthing "Fun"

Social Media is your key to unlock the world around you! It's the gateway to unlimited connections, unlimited growth, and the ability to meet anyone you've ever wanted to know. 

You just need to show up and get seen. 

That's where we come in....

Hey I'm Fallon Zoe (Pronounced "Fal-In Zo" Yes that's my given birth name, haha not one I made up) 

I'm a High School Drop out, with ZERO formal education. I wear that badge proudly now, but just a few years ago I didn't. 

I was a single mom at 17 living by myself in a 400sqft apt in a small town in Washington State. I was working 2 jobs so I could afford child care so I could have my 1st job (what a crazy cycle that is...) 

I always had to "Figure It Out" and this taught me that my limitations were actually my inspirations. 

Fast Forward to 2016 when LIVE Video launched on Facebook. I KNEW this was something I needed to jump on. So I did. 

I had this idea that if some cat video could go VIRAL on it's own with no ads why couldn't I just leverage 1% of that exposure? I mean... IT'S A CAT. Surely I could do a portion of what a cat could do... 

That's where I started learning HOW to get my message out without advertising. What type of content gets shared, liked, talked about, watched, and engages people. 

THIS is the foundation of any Social Media presence. I'm not Anti-Advertising, I'm just Pro-Organic because if you can learn to engage people through your content because they WANT to and find value in it, just think what you could do later when you're ready to advertise and add fuel to your already roaring fire?

Inside the Private Coaching Community you will learn how to create a Social Media presence that gets noticed, engaged, and shared. 

Training from up to date algorithm changes & timeless principles on marketing, where to focus your time, how to get MORE exposure for your posts & videos, how to use Facebook, how to take better photos right from your cell phone, plan your content, and video training are just a few examples of what I train on. 

EVERYTHING is focused on Organic Growth. How, What, Why, and When to use the right tools on Facebook to get the MOST out of every effort you spend on Social Media. 

The Coaching Community is an interactive way to learn. Let's help you attract your ideal customer, business partner, and Tribe to you. 


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