Launch Your Year! 

There's been a lot happen in 2020 and we're all over it! HA! So how do you change it? You change you. 

There will always be something that will try to derail you, so what needs to change is how you handle it. 

This is a 30 Day Mastermind Starting Jan 1st 2021 with Fallon Zoe


Mastermind Quiz:

Take the quiz below to see if this 30 Day Mastermind is for you! 

Start With Direction

You WANT to do the things but you have no plan of what do to, how often to do them, and what is/is not a priority in your business? 

If you answered "YES" than this Mastermind is for you! 

Stop Bad Habits

Do you procrastinate, get distracted, or do everything else possible other than your business actions??

If you answered "YES" than this Mastermind is for you! 



Do you generally "Know the things" but you don't DO the things?? 

If you answered "YES" than this Mastermind is for you! 

You know that feeling you get AFTER you finish something you've been putting off? 

That "Ahhh it's done" feeling can be everyday minus all the stress you put yourself through up until that point! 



It's not a matter of {more} hours, it's about using your hours better!  

We are all juggling lots of things everyday! What I've found and every single productivity expert will agree here. 

You need to use your time more wisely so you can actually accomplish more in less time! 

Think about how freeing it will be to have hours a day left over to yourself, for your family, or all the fun things you want to go do! 



So What's a 30 Day Mastermind? 

In a nutshell: You generally know WHAT you should be doing, BUT you have a hard time getting yourself to actually {Do It}...


  • Working directly with Fallon on your daily action steps
  • Fallon will help you stay on task and focused on a daily basis for what your goals are 
  • You'll have weekly Zoom calls with the rest of the Mastermind members lasting approx 15-20min to help you stay dialed in and celebrate your wins with the other members 
  • You'll have a private chat with Fallon on Voxer app for your daily check ins, accountability, and planning your next day 
  • A custom tailored weekly plan for what you want to achieve in your business. Want more followers? Want more live viewers? Want more customers? Let's make it happen! 
  • You'll also get a weekly action tracker PDF you'll use to keep yourself on track and visual for what your direction is each week 


Price Increase


December Price

  • 30 Day Mastermind & Accountability 
  • Group Voxer chat for daily check ins 
  • 1:1 Voxer Accountability with Fallon Zoe 
  • Weekly Accountability Planner PDF 
  • Weekly Group Zoom 
  • Daily Action Planning & Accountability with Fallon via Voxer



Is the Mastermind a good fit for you? 

  • You've been frustrated with yourself for months or years for just not "getting it together" 
  • You think these things should come naturally but you know deep down you just don't have that Oompf to just do the things you need to do 
  • You know all the basic stuff on Social Media, you've taken the classes but your knowledge is just taking a back seat and your laziness is behind the steering wheel 
  • You like competition, but don't want to compare yourself to others  
  • You like to be recognized for your efforts 
  • You have a hard time holding yourself accountable 
  • You currently think that celebrating your wins is "Bragging" 
  • You know you need to reach that next level in your business, but not sure how 
  • You don't feel excited, or motivated about your business anymore, yet you do still like it 
  • You can take ownership of your actions and not blame other people, circumstances, or lack of something 



Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q- When does the 30 Day Mastermind start? 

A- January 1st 2021, though you'll be set up in your chats with Fallon upon enrollment date 


Q- I'll be traveling or busy during a portion of the Mastermind, should I still do it? 

A- Life is going to happen, I would encourage you to actually be busy during the Mastermind because I can teach & guide you how to still hit your goals while being busy and potentially distracted! 


Q- I'm nervous I'll fall off the track during the Mastermind and waste my money 

A- I am expecting everyone to be tested and lose sight during the Mastermind. You're not a failure for tripping up. I'm your Coach, not your babysitter. There will be times we'll have blunt conversations and times to celebrate too. What I'll promise you is that I'll be there no matter what. I'm not going anywhere and I won't quit on you even if you feel like quitting on yourself at times 


Q- What if I can't attend the weekly zoom call? 

A- It will be recorded though I encourage you to attend even if for 5min to share your wins for that week 


Q- Why should I do it now? 

A-  If you want your life to change, you have to change. It can be intimidating to do it alone, that's why I set up this Mastermind for you. I'm with you each step of the way! Fresh year, fresh start!