Your Business is Like a Cockpit! 

Do you know HOW to truly fly HIGH with your Business?


There's a lot of moving parts and so many times we get confused in the process, we have no idea, what buttons are MOST important!
  • There are 12 key elements to running a successful business
  • These 12 elements should be done on a daily basis to help you grow your business exponentially 
  • Fly your business at an altitude you've never been before 
  • During the 7 Day LIVE training we will cover all 12 elements 
  • This will be advanced training for those who are serious about their business 
  • After the 7 Days of training are complete you'll have 10 Days of Accountability with Glen & Fallon to put all your training into ACTION 


A FEW of the Training Topics:


  • Understanding & Implementing the 24hr Game Plan
  • Becoming a Steadfast Leader 
  • Understanding the 4 SW's 
  • Developing & Implementing SIMPLE Systems that are duplicatable
  • How to Promote vs Selling 
  • Tweak - Don't FREAK! How to make adjustments on the GO and under pressure so you can still reach your goal!




So What is the 17 Day Masterclass & Accountability? 


In a nutshell: You have your own business, BUT you're getting bombarded with ALL the things you have to do on a daily basis! How to do it all but not get sucked into tasks that aren't income producing! 


  • Working directly with Fallon & Glen on your daily action steps
  • Fallon & Glen will help you stay on task and focused on a daily basis for what your goals are 
  • You'll have Q&A Zoom calls with the rest of the Masterclass members to help you stay dialed in and celebrate your wins with the other members 
  • You'll also get a weekly action tracker PDF you'll use to keep yourself on track and visual for what your direction is each week 


Timeline of Training:


 7 Days of Training

10 Days of Accountability 


Jan 2nd - Masterclass Starts 

Jan 8th - Masterclass Training Concludes

Jan 9th - Masterclass Accountability Starts 

Jan 18th - Masterclass Accountability Concludes and Students Graduate! 





You know that feeling you get AFTER you finish something you've been putting off? 


That "Ahhh it's done" feeling can be everyday minus all the stress you put yourself through up until that point! 

This Masterclass has an added 7 Day Accountability directly with Fallon & Glen to keep you on track and conquering your goals! 


The Accountability will be hosted on Voxer Messenger Chat and Fallon & Glen will be personally checking in with you each day for 7 days.


Branding Blitz


1 Day Class


  • Condensed LIVE Training
  • How to find your Brand Message & Direction
  • What's going to make you unique and set you a part 
  • What tools you'll need and NOT need 
  • Color & Logo Inspiration 
  • Brand Name Research & How to Create a Catchy Name
  • What is your Brand if you have lots of Ideas!?




Blending Blitz Only


1 Day Class


  • Condensed LIVE Training
  • How to Blend your Business on Social Media 
  • How to Bring up your Business AND get high engagement! 
  • How to Blend your Personal & Business Life 
  • How to get your Family involved in your Business so they don't resent what you do 
  • Feel like you're living separate lives? Balance is an illusion! 




Masterclass & Accountability

All In!

19 Days (Includes Branding & Blending Blitz)


  • Jan 2nd 2022
  • Branding Blitz $79  FREE
  • Blending Blitz  $79  FREE
  • 7 Day Masterclass & 10 Day Accountability $1999


 TOTAL ONLY $799 $499


 Buy Now, Pay Later!

*First payment isn't until January!

$1.00 Today then 6 Payments of $100 every 30 Days

= $601 Total CLICK HERE to make payments 


One Payment $499 Total



It's not a matter of {more} hours, it's about using your hours better!  

We are all juggling lots of things everyday! What I've found and every single productivity expert will agree here. 

You need to use your time more wisely so you can actually accomplish more in less time! 

Think about how freeing it will be to have hours a day left over to yourself, for your family, or all the fun things you want to go do! 




Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q- When does the 19 Day Masterclass start? 

A- The Masterclass Officially starts on March 22nd Monday 


Q- I'll be traveling or busy during a portion of the Masterclass, should I still do it? 

A- Life is going to happen, I would encourage you to actually be busy during the Masterclass because I can teach & guide you how to still hit your goals while being busy and potentially distracted! 


Q- I'm nervous I'll fall off the track during the Masterclass and waste my money 

A- I am expecting everyone to be tested and lose sight during the Masterclass. You're not a failure for tripping up. I'm your Coach, not your babysitter. There will be times we'll have blunt conversations and times to celebrate too. What I'll promise you is that I'll be there no matter what. I'm not going anywhere and I won't quit on you even if you feel like quitting on yourself at times 


Q- What if I can't attend the weekly zoom call? 

A- It will be recorded though I encourage you to attend even if for 5min to share your wins for that week 


Q- Why should I do it now? 

A-  If you want your life to change, you have to change. It can be intimidating to do it alone, that's why I set up this Masterclass for you. I'm with you each step of the way! Fresh year, fresh start!