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Increases to $299 July 5th, 2019

  1. Leadership $199
  2. Advanced Recruiting & Team Building $199
  3. No BS Mindset $199
  4. Advanced Social Media Growth Strategies $299
  5. Business Mapping & Income Growth $299

$1,195 Total

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5 LIVE Training Sessions

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5 Training Sessions ranging from

1) Leadership

2) Advanced Recruiting & Team Building

3) No BS Mindset Training

4) Advanced Growth Strategies

5) Business Mapping & How to Plan Your Business 

Join Us For Sunrise

Fallon is hosting exclusive "Fallon Only" Sunrise sessions @6:30amEST to get your questions answered, and hear from others and learn 

These sessions nothing is off limits, business, Masterminding, Q&A, tech questions, business planning and growth strategies 

Early Bird Retreat #4 Tickets

LIVE Stream Exclusive to early bird pricing & tickets to LadyTribe Retreat #4 (NEW Location)!!! Eeeek! 

You'll be the first to know and access to special pricing & tickets before we open it to the Public 

Who Is This For?

  •  Online business owners
  • Network Marketers
  • Traditional business owners who want to get exposure onine
  • Non-Profits

Our focus is different, if you are in Network Marketing we aren't going to teach you how to be a better Network Marketer. We're going to teach you how to be a better business owner

If you have a traditional or online business outside of Network Marketing we're going to bring some of the concepts to you because your business is about growing a network. 

Daily Routine

(Times are all Eastern Timezone)

6:30am Sunrise Session- Join Fallon on the beach for small group sessions of Q&A, Mastermind, and Planning 

7:30-11:00am Photo Sessions

8:30am Breakfast- Breakfast is prepared by Chef Antwon 

11:00-1:00 Session #1- Training from Glen & Fallon with group

1:00-3:00 Lunch- Prepared in advance by Chef Antwon

3:00-5:00 Session #2- Training from Glen & Fallon with group

5:00-7:00pm- Photo Sessions

7:00pm Dinner- Prepared by Chef Antwon



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