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Beginner Bot Course $179

- How to build a Messenger Bot for Beginners 

- Learn how to automate your business 

- Grow your subscriber list of contacts! 

- BOGO options are:

1) Content Course 

2) Personal Branding Course

3) Blending Personal/Business Course

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Content Course $129

- How to create content to increase Engagement in 2021

- How to: Live Video, Recorded Video, Text Posts, Photos & Editing, Facebook Stories 

-BOGO Options are: 

1) Personal Branding Course

2) Blending Personal/Business Course

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Personal Branding Course $129

- What is your unique brand & online identity? 

- Discover the REAL you that you! 

- How to create a look and feel online when people see you

- Create your own logo 

- How to create your Brand colors

- What's your slogan? 

- Your Brand is your digital identity, is it clear what you do?

-BOGO Options are: 

1) Content Course

2) Blending Personal/Business Course

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Blending Personal/Business Course $129

- How to blend your business posts to get the BEST engagement! 

- 80/20 rule? Do it within ONE post, and how to do it! 

- Do you have Mom guilt? How to create a blend between your family and business! 

-BOGO Options are: 

1) Content Course

2) Personal Branding Course 

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Join The 30 Day Mastermind July 1st

You have all the basics for the most part, so why can't you just get it going!

It's not a sexy word by any means, but we need accountability to get it done and that's the HARDEST part about entrepreneurship! 

Fallon is designing a Mastermind that not only will keep you accountable, but also help you create a plan of action for your daily actions. 

This will be a 30 day focus and Fallon is only working with max 15 people in this Mastermind 1:1 in this small intimate group (10 spots left)

**This is NOT a fluffy fluff feel good thing. Fallon will tell you the truth bluntly & often. Beating around the point not only wastes your time but also your opportunities in business. She will call you on your bluff, and at the same time push you to go further than you ever have. 

This Mastermind is intentionally & purposefully starting at the half way point to 2021, let's hit your goals before the year ends and this is your JUMP!

  • Daily Action Steps
  • Weekly Zoom
  • Voxer Messenger Chat for Daily Accountability
  • Weekly Business Goal Planning 
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