LadyTribe Gear & Recommendations 

This is a section of products I've personally used, or similar to what I have that I've researched, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!

 **I am an affiliate of these products and companies listed, I receive a small % of sales purchased through these sites. 

My Camera Kit

Which Lense? 

I have 2 different lenses for different purposes, you need to be sure if you buy different lenses other than the ones I listed that they are EF-M series. 

  • Wide Angle 11-22mm- This lens is for video. You'll be able to hold your camera at arms length and record yourself while still getting a large portion of the frame in your shot
  • Zoom 55-200mm- This lens is great for photos, headshots, and landscape photos. Not good for vlogging. 



Intermediate Webcam/Built in Mic

This is the exact model of webcam that I personally use. It has more features than the beginner would need so I would recommend a beginner model (if you're in a budget) of Logitech if you are only using it for the camera and not doing editing or background replacement/green screen

Most all webcams have a built in Mic so you don't need anything extra for sound

Home Studio Basics

Cell Phone & Accessories

Photography Tools

Tools for on the GO!

Tools to run your business from "Annywhere"!!!

Book Recommendations! 

Audio Books by Audible

Home Office Tools & Tech

Tech Things I Love For Home

Eco Friendly Things I Love for Home

Island Life Is My Life


Mermaid Glitz


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