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This is a section of products I've personally used, or similar to what I have that I've researched, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!

 **I am an affiliate of these products and companies listed, I receive a small % of sales purchased through these sites. 

Not a web designer???

Me either!!! haha That's why I love Kajabi! I wanted a simple "Fill In The Blank" style platform that I could use for my courses, email list building & broadcasting, landing pages, blog, funnel templates, billing tracking, website, and webinars. 

Below is a 15% off link for the life of your account, there are yearly options, and monthly options. I look forward to seeing what you create!- Fallon Zoe

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There are several models of Smove. 

I have the Smove PRO 

This is an advanced tool and I've had several girls order it and then not be able to figure out how to use it. There are a ton of settings and you have to learn how to use it. It is not a point and go tool. You have to set it up and when using Facebook live the app features are not able to connect like subject following, that is only for recorded videos. 

If you are only using it for live video and don't intend to create high quality recorded video then the Smove is a bit of over kill. A simple tripod would be a better fit. 

In saying all of that I do LOVE my Smove! I've learned how to use it to it's best capability and can create really fantastic video content all with my phone camera. 

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My Camera Kit

Which Lense? 

I have 2 different lenses for different purposes, you need to be sure if you buy different lenses other than the ones I listed that they are EF-M series. 

  • Wide Angle 11-22mm- This lens is for video. You'll be able to hold your camera at arms length and record yourself while still getting a large portion of the frame in your shot
  • Zoom 55-200mm- This lens is great for photos, headshots, and landscape photos. Not good for vlogging. 



Intermediate Webcam/Built in Mic

This is the exact model of webcam that I personally use. It has more features than the beginner would need so I would recommend a beginner model (if you're in a budget) of Logitech if you are only using it for the camera and not doing editing or background replacement/green screen

Most all webcams have a built in Mic so you don't need anything extra for sound

Home Studio Basics

Sound Quality Basics

Tools for on the GO!

Tools to run your business from "Annywhere"!!!

Book Recommendations! 

Audio Books by Audible

Mermaid Trinkets


Mermaid Glitz

Island Life Is My Life

I personally have all of these clothes and they all are sooo comfortable and bring together the beach life style. Be sure to select your color and size as there are variations. 

Beach Hair Don't Care

I get lots of compliments on my "Beachy" hair and these are my 2 products I use to achieve the beachy look. Go to bed with wet hair wake up to wavy hair then add wax to add body & texture, spray with salt spray to shape your look xoxo- Fallon

Permanent Vacation

Ummmm YES PLEASE! The body spray is great for on the go because it's a plastic bottle you don't have to worry about breaking.
The blue "St Barts" is if you like a slight masculine scent that will compliment a lady well!!

The "Sud Pacifique" is a strong coconut perfume that lasts really long and I get compliments about often!




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