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Finding--> Direction 


What's Your Dream? 

Do you know what it is? 

It's ok if you don't, because 2yrs ago I didn't know mine either (this is Fallon by the way lol) 

But once I took the steps and implemented ways to find my Dream I knew exactly where I was going 

Let's discover that for you too!  

Find Your Focus! 

The best photos have a clear picture. It takes a camera in FOCUS to create a great memory. 

Your mind is the same. When you're in focus your picture is clear 

There's no confusion, no squirrel brain, no lack of direction 

During this series we'll help you find your focus! 

Your Mentors! 

Fallon Zoe & Glen 

Join us virtually from anywhere in the world, right through your phone. 

We will be providing LIVE training, support, and action steps for you during this series & challenge 


  1. Start Date: August 1st Thursday
  2. Where: The LadyTribe Page will kick off the series on August 1st 
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